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By providing relevant referral marketing instruction, continuous support and compassionate consulting to develop a unified personal network, the Referral Institute creates communities of like minded, successful entrepreneurs who generate amazing business and aspire to a spectacular life!

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  • Are you experiencing success but want to step up to the next level?

  • You network and work hard to earn respect from clients and members of your network but are not realizing the referral results you’d like?

  • You’re getting referrals but they are not in your target market and they are not closing? 

Maybe you need a little help in pulling things together.  Maybe you need Certified Networker III.

What makes Certified Networker III unique is that it was not only created from Dr. Misner’s original certified networker material, but also from the experiences and results of trainers and participants from around the world.  This combination makes this the best referral marketing program in the world.

In this series you will:

·         Create Your Foundation

·         Create Your Referral Team

·         Create your Referral Process

Register now for the next session of Certified Networker III and get started on building your referral network that produces consistent, quality referrals.  Go to the Calendar and reserve your seat now! 

The Referral Institute Atlanta specializes in the mentoring, coaching and training of professionals who want to grow their businesses through word-of-mouth marketing and relationship building. Emile Paradis is an expert at helping companies and salespeople cultivate referrals for life. It is his belief that the foundation of the most effective sales & marketing campaign is built on building diverse networks and developing a powerful message.

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Online interactive tool to help you determine how many referrals you need this year to meet your goals. To use this tool, you will need to register as a student (it's free!), and then you will need to click on the Pipeline link under Tools on the menu at the top.