What They're Saying...

I attended a workshop last month taught by Emile Paradis who made me, a very old hand who has taught networking, stand back and look at what I was doing to reach others in my network and how I was doing it. As I think of some of the best networkers I know, I thought of all of you in SECBN, and want to direct you to this workshop which I believe can help you ramp up your marketing and referral results for the coming year.

Pat Bowen
Getting Ready for Tomorrow

I spent a little time last night working on my Referral Marketing Plan and want to make sure I say Thank You for all the help you are giving me in developing this powerful tool. I can see that having this kind of a plan – properly developed and systematically executed – will have a dramatic impact on my potential success. I am very fortunate to have your support!

Lynn Blackburn
IRM Advisors

What a wealth of information you are about networking! I was so energized when I left you that I couldn’t wait to get back to my computer to take another, closer look at your website. Given what I learned from you today, I understand why Jason referred to you as the “Master” networker, although I think you, through your business, are more than that. You actually bring new meaning to the word, networking.

Dorothy Arnette
e-Search Solutions, LLC

...after taking your class today, I have another outlook on marketing strategies for my business. Your class was thought provoking and enlightening. I am looking forward to putting to action the methods you shared with me. Please note that I will refer your class for others to take.

Cynthia Harper, Founder
My Favorite Charities

Just think of how powerful your networking system could become if you could get all of your referral sources to take the Certified Networker ® course.

Stephen M. Beatty
New Orleans, LA

Referral Pipeline showed me a systematic way to build my referral business. I know exactly how many referrals I need to achieve my revenue goal and what I need to do to get them. With this simple system, I plan to double my referral business every two months for the next year!! Thanks for the incredible business building tool!

Victoria Trafton, President
People in Charge